Calze Assos Trail Winter Socks

by Assos
Type: calzini
SKU: p13.60.688.18.I

With a shaft length of 24cm and durable, insulating fibres, the TRAIL Winter Socks will keep your feet and calves warm, dry and well protected on the coldest winter days.

Picking up where the wear-resistant TRAIL socks fall short, the winter edition of the socks features extra protection and thicker fabric so you're ready for anything, even on extreme winter days. The first important detail is the extended rod length of 24cm. This part of the sock is also made from a special wool blend. Reinforced protection around the calves makes you think leg warmers with the extra portion of insulation and protection from winter weather.

Assos has used their own specially developed "shieldKnit" yarn for areas around the heels and toes that are constantly in motion. It is extremely durable, velvety and breathable, so your feet are guaranteed to stay dry in the shoes - and that with incomparable wearing comfort. In addition, Assos has reworked the arch area and surrounded it with a slightly compressive band that gives extra support and increases breathability.

Features of the TRAIL Winter socks from Assos

  • Seamless Design: Crafted with 160-gauge needles with no exposed seams, this style hugs the foot seamlessly for friction-free comfort.
  • shieldKnit: A resilient yarn blend made with wear-resistant polymer fibers attached to the heel and toe.
  • Shaft Length: At 24cm in length (size II), the shaft is long enough to trap heat even deeper and provide enough protection for your ankles and lower calves.

Material 40% Polyester, 33% Polyamide, 17% Wool, 6% Fluorofibre, 4% Spandex