Assos RSR Thermo Rain Socks - Black

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by Assos
Type: calzini
SKU: p13.60.720.18

The weatherproof benefits of overshoes, but without the extra bulk. A glove-like, double-layer membrane solution designed to add a waterproof, insulating layer between socks and shoes.

Developed as a protective layer between socks and shoes for added protection. When worn inside the shoe they eliminate the risk of rubbing between the crank and the chain that can be caused by shoe covers. The Thermo Rain Socks have a higher height than the standard, ensuring that the inner sock stays dry.

  • The waterShield fabric is a classic double-layer windproof and waterproof membrane, similar to that used for gloves, to be layered over standard cycling socks depending on the weather.
  • Exclusively designed to be worn over other socks, with a height of 20cm, they come to cover them completely.
  • Black colour