Assos GT Winter Booties overshoes - Black

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by Assos
Type: copriscarpe
SKU: p13.62.695.18

The Assos GT Winter Booties shoe covers use the same NEOS material coupled with a membrane, which Assos uses for its winter jackets, guaranteeing total protection of feet and ankles on the coldest winter days. Over the course of previous seasons, Assos tested the water repellency, elasticity and breathability of the NEOS softshell fabrics, successfully used on the jackets, believing that these properties were also suitable for the matching shoe covers.

  • These shoe covers are designed with a self-locking concealed zip (cam lock) and with the zeroCuff edge which guarantees softness and no friction between legs and fabric, further enhancing the aerodynamic profile of the shoe covers.
  • SportGrip fabric: this grippy mono-elastic fabric is applied to the sole to ensure durability and increase traction while walking.
  • ZeroCuff technology: raw cut edge that guarantees softness and no friction between legs and fabric.
  • Color. Black.