Assos Winter Booties overshoes

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by Assos
Type: copriscarpe
SKU: P13.62.669.18

Protective overshoes designed to keep the winter weather at bay, featuring a zip-free, strap-free construction that helps maintain a streamlined profile.

When you're not equipped enough to tackle a run in harsh winter weather, your feet are one of the first parts of your body to let you know. Protecting them is imperative, but we at ASSOS refused to have to choose between aerodynamics and warmth. ASSOSOIRES Winter Bootie represent the intersection between a streamlined overshoe and a classic thermal overshoe. They are made with three different fabrics distributed over seven designs and six components with discreet lines. If it looks complicated that's because it is, but thanks to the clean lines it will be difficult to notice. The discreet design of these overshoes is enriched with a blue color stripe (based on our winter climaCode Winter 3/3) which will make them recognizable within your wardrobe of dark technical clothing.