Enervit Gymline High Protein 36% Coconut

by Enervit
SKU: 92876

- With 36% protein
- Low sugar
- Gluten free
- With dark cocoa coating *
- Ideal after the workout

The highly technical protein bar for your workouts

After working hard in the gym, your muscles need protein, and remember that the most demanding workouts require a good protein content.
The Gymline High Protein Bar 36% protein bar provides your muscle mass with valuable nutrients, thanks to a unique composition based on milk and soy proteins, which contain all essential amino acids, and a low sugar content (0.2g). Protein and low sugar.

Gymline High Protein Bar 36% Coconut is the soft and creamy coconut protein bar covered with intense dark * chocolate, which becomes an excellent protein snack to be consumed after training as well as during the day.

    • with 20g of milk and soy protein
    • without palm oil
    • source of vitamin B6 ° and D ^

Why hire it

Your muscles need protein to grow every day, so in addition to a balanced diet, you can consume the Gymline High Protein Bar 36% Dark Choco.
If you work out, consume it just after the workout, so as to benefit as much as possible and gratify yourself for the fatigue made.