Enervit Performance Bar Cocoa

by Enervit
SKU: 97911

- Based on carbohydrates and proteins
- Practical format, divided into two half portions
- 16 g of carbohydrates per half serving (32 g total)
- 20% protein
- Cocoa taste

With you over long distances

When you have been in the saddle for many hours you can only rely on your strength and on the supplements you have brought with you. Here, having a performing product at your disposal can make the difference.

The Enervit Performance bar Double Cacao energy bar is the perfect solution for consuming high quality technical carbohydrates and proteins, without sacrificing taste. The two individually wrapped half portions allow you to distribute it along the way, as and when you prefer.

  • Highly technical finger
  • 16 g of carbohydrates per half serving
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals

Why take it during training and competitions

Contains specific nutrients designed to support your performance, when you are in the saddle for many kilometers.

Two half servings of Enervit Performance bar Double provide 32g of carbohydrates and are a source of protein, which contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass.

Pair it with other supplements to build your Enervit Nutrition System.