Assos Mille GT Winter EVO Jacket - Grey

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by Assos
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A winter jacket with minimal bulk and a regularFit cut, made with the combination of softshell fabrics from the NEOS family and RX brushed fabric, which ensures targeted protection, warmth and breathability on cold winter days.

Inside the product : The Winter EVO winter jacket, designed for the cyclist dedicated to this sport who loves to ride outdoors all year round, was designed by strategically positioning the fabrics to optimize not only protection and comfort on cold winter days, but also accompany the position on the racing bike.

Technology overview

The peculiarities

Featured Fabrics : The front panel is made using NEOS Medium fabric, a three-layer softshell fabric coupled with a polyurethane membrane, highly breathable, insulating, rainproof and completely windproof. This stretch fabric, developed internally in the Assos laboratory, guarantees complete protection to the torso. NEOS Light fabric was used for the upper arms and back, which slightly reduces the level of thermal insulation, in favor of greater breathability and lower weight. To avoid body overheating due to increased effort, RX brushed fabric, without a membrane, was used at the height of the armpits and back.

Construction/Fit : Single front panel blends into raglan-cut sleeves, with a stitch line that extends to the neck for greater freedom of movement in the saddle and friction-free comfort. The jacket features the classic regularFit slim fit, although it includes a few additional layers.


  • Triple Ramp Pockets : Our patented design of three pockets with mesh closure band, easily accessible, for stable and secure storage.
  • 2W waistWave : The seam system on the waist promotes the natural elasticity of the front panel fabric, without the need to integrate any elastic.
  • Reflective Accents : Reflective details positioned on both sides of the central pocket, for greater visibility in low light conditions.