Muc-Off Tubeless Valve 60mm 1 Pair - Gold

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by Muc-Off
SKU: 1066

We know how frustrating it is to have a leaky tubeless valve that just doesn't seal! So Muc-off set out to design and make the premium tubeless valves to solve the hassle of finding your flat tire every time you ride. For too long riders have had to settle for tubeless valves that are functional without being pretty, but Muc-Off has raced to the rescue to perfectly match form and function. Supplied with 3 sets of differently shaped rubber inserts to fit a variety of rim shapes and create the perfect value for rim holding. Suitable for both road and MTB. Why not mix and match the color of your Tubeless valve too with contrasting lock rings and caps.

  • 6061 machined aluminum stem.
  • Aluminum cap.
  • 4mm machined allen key slot for easy installation/removal. Includes valve core removal tool (built into replacement alloy cap).
  • Height: 60mm
  • Colour gold