Pinarello Grevil F Campagnolo Ekar Fulcrum Rapide Red 500 bicycle - Black green

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Aerodynamics always matters. Gravel races often exceed 200km, with speeds that can reach 70km/h, every watt saved is one more step towards victory.

Fork Flap: Allows you to optimize the air flow on the front end, greatly improving the aerodynamic penetration coefficient.

Derived from DOGMA, a solution developed to reduce the aerodynamic drag coefficient on the down tube, especially with the water bottle inserted.

Complete integration of all cables, aerodynamic improvement and ease of loading bags.

Geometries and Rake optimized and differentiated to guarantee the same rideability on all available sizes

- Reach and stack: Shorter reach and higher stack than a traditional road bike to ensure a more extended arm position in the saddle and consequently offer better comfort and better rideability

- Increased seat tube angle allows for more generous wheel clearance

- Fork angle and Rake modified to ensure better handling and riding comfort

- Seat stays: Length at 422-425mm. The best compromise between reactivity and comfort. Compatibility with 700c or 650b wheels.

Maximum energy transmission and vibration absorption

Right seat stay and right chainstay rotated down. The asymmetry between the two rear triangles is a characteristic solution adopted to uniform the thrust on the pedals.
Differentiated seat stay connection point which allows the vertical tube to evenly absorb the thrust coming from the rear wheel.

Technical specifications

  • Frame: TorayCa T700 UD, TiCR™ internal cable routing, Italian step bottom bracket
  • Fork: Onda Grevil Fork, Tapered headset
  • Crank and Chainrings: Campagnolo Ekar 13s 1X
  • Front derailleur: Campagnolo Ekar 13S
  • Cassette Sprockets: Campagnolo Ekar 13S
  • Chain: Campagnolo Ekar C13 C-link 13s
  • Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Ekar 13S
  • Front brake caliper: Campagnolo Ekar 2 pistons, 160mm rotor
  • Rear Brake Caliper: Campagnolo Ekar 2 pistons, 160mm rotor
  • Handlebar: Jaguar GR Di2
  • Handlebar Stem: Tiger Aero Alu TiCR
  • Handlebar Tape: MOST Ultragrip Evo 3mm - Black
  • Saddle: Most Lynx l3
  • Seatpost: Pinarello Aero seatpost
  • Wheels: Fulcrum Rapid Red 500
  • Pins: Ultralight MOST Pins 12x100 & 12x142, Tool-Free Removal