Specialized Power Pro Mirror saddle

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Mirror technology is now also available for the Power Pro saddle! Two decades of Body Geometry research together with this 3D printing technology with liquid polymers have allowed us to create a honeycomb structure that facilitates fine calibration of the support for the ischial tuberosities. Mirror saddles mirror the anatomy and promote comfort, power and health.

This saddle is based on the profile of the Power models - much appreciated by cyclists around the world for the very wide and long Body Geometry groove, for the reduction of pressure on soft tissues - while the structure is that of the S-Works Power Mirror , a matrix of 14000 uprights and 7799 nodes, each of them individually adjustable for unparalleled comfort. The Power Pro Mirror saddle has titanium springs and a reclaimed carbon fiber hull, making Mirror technology accessible to more riders.

The bike is one of the most sustainable means of transport, but more and more must be done. The hull of this saddle was made of reclaimed carbon. This represents a first step towards circular production, optimizing efficiency and reducing waste. By using carbon waste from our factories, in combination with injected nylon, we have been able to create a sustainable product.

The Power Pro Mirror saddle with the new titanium springs is very resistant, so much so that it can also be used on the trail. Even those who prefer mountain biking want the comfort of ischial tuberosities. For those who love to ride, on the road or on the trails, the Power Pro Mirror saddle is comfortable and performing. It reflects you perfectly.

  • Patented Body Geometry, medical tests carried out in the laboratory to verify the correct blood flow.
  • With the Mirror technology, through the 3D printing of liquid polymers, a unique honeycomb structure is created, which provides correct support to the ischial tuberosities.
  • The base was made with 15% recovery carbon and injected nylon.
  • Titanium springs.
  • SWAT ™ device compatibility
  • Approximate weight of saddle 143mm: 245g
  • Approximate weight of the saddle 155mm: 251g