SHIMANO XTR Brake Lever (Hydraulic Disc Brake) BL-M9100

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by Shimano
SKU: iblm9100r00
  • Integrated operation
  • »Quick recovery between operations allows you to stay focused on the runway
  • »Greater flexibility and optimized dashboard configuration
  • »Updated brake lever profile
  • High rigidity
  • »Stiffness increased by 10% compared to the M9000 model even at high temperatures
  • Lightness
  • »Magnesium main cylinder
  • »Weight reduction of 26g (compared to the BL / BR-M9000 disc brake rotor)
  • Faster brake engagement with shorter free travel

Product description

With weight reduction and braking power tailored to cross-country demands, the SHIMANO XTR BL-M91000 brake lever provides intuitive modulation that will allow you to explore your limits with confidence.