S-Works Epic Hardtail frame

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SKU: 71322-0004
The lightest and most capable carbon hardtail frame we've ever made. Making the lightest bike possible has always been the race within the race, but at what cost? The battle of the grams was certainly not without casualties, and hardtail XC bikes became famous for hard, nervous riding that came at the expense of capacity and versatility. But who said that the fatigue of fighting your bike makes you faster? It must be recognized, however, that the fastest bike is more than just a light bike. Enough of the shocks-to-death , measuring-the-pains-of-the-back-by-distance- and-forward with the new thought . The Epic Hardtail, ridiculously capable, mystically comfortable, light to turn heads, and fast all round. Sure, we tweaked every little detail of the Epic Hardtail to still make the lightest industrial production frame in the world, but our commitment was above all to create a capable and comfortable Epic Hardtail with aggressive singletrack-inspired geometry, giving ample room for tires, and provide excellent absorption in the vertical plane - all in the creation of a bike that lives and breathes the foundation of speed.
  • 12m carbon fiber frame, the lightest we've ever made.