Specialized Aethos S-Works Disc Frame - Satin Carbon/Red Gold Chameleon/Bronze Foil

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Don't get us wrong, we're all for the races. But sometimes you ride for the simple pleasure of riding and the best ride quality. And this is the spirit of the Aethos. We ignored all design or racing rules, and we haven't regretted it. Aethos breaks the rules.

  • The S-Works Aethos frame was designed to create the perfect combination of ride quality, lightness and style - to be able to accelerate even on steep climbs, descend on the most technical descents and to be comfortable even on long Sunday rides. But you will ask, how did we do it? We re-invented the traditional shape of the racing bike of the past, changing it slightly to optimize stiffness and balance, without compromising weight or strength. With a completely new lay-up, perfected over many decades, you get the lightest frame on the market (585 grams for the size 56 S-Works frame). The Aethos is more than a new bike, it's the start of a new generation.
  • The Aethos frame has been designed with the perfect combination of ultimate ride feel, light weight, and style—from accelerating up steep pitches and descending technical descents, to all-day saddle comfort on even the longest coffee rides, the Aethos hits the mark. But how, you ask? By reinventing the traditional road shape found on bikes of the past, we've subtly altered these shapes to deliver massive gains in stiffness and balance, all without affecting weight or durability. Pair that with an entirely-new layup and process that we've perfected over multiple decades and you have the lightest frame out there (585 grams, S-Works, size 56cm). The Aethos is more than just a new bike, it's the first of a new breed.
  • A featherweight frame is useless if the ride characteristics don't inspire confidence. That's why we sought the perfect mix of front and rear stiffness in relation to ride quality for the Aethos. By studying the flex and every little detail of carbon fibers, we learned a lot about how forces travel through the frame. A few pedal strokes will be enough to realize that the Aethos represents a new standard of driving.
  • A featherweight frame is useless without confidence-inspiring ride characteristics, which is why we've developed the Aethos to have the perfect balance of front and rear stiffness combined with exceptional ride quality. By studying the flexing and breathing of carbon fiber, we were able to discover groundbreaking findings about how forces flow through frames. Just a few pedal strokes and you'll realize this sublime ride sets a new standard.
  • Every detail, from the derailleur mount to the stem expander, has been engineered with style, weight and strength in mind - all for perfect handling.
  • Every detail, from the derailleur hangers to the fork expander plug have been designed with style, weight, and durability in mind—everything in pursuit for the perfect ride.

Technical specifications



S-Works Aethos FACT 12r Carbon, Rider First Engineered™, Threaded BB, Electronic cable routing only, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc



S-Works FACT Carbon, 12x100mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc



Roval Alpinist Carbon Seatpost


Specialized Alloy, 30.0mm, titanium bolt

* Specifications may change without notice