S-Works Evade II helmet

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For a long time, helmets have been characterized by two characteristics among these three: lightness, ventilation and aerodynamics. But as you know, we don't respect these rules - or we don't really care. We prefer to change standards and create products that no one has imagined yet. To prove it, just look at the S-Works Evade helmet. It is simply the fastest road helmet there is.

Together with the creators of MIPS we have created MIPS SL - a new, ultralight and extremely comfortable version MIPS SL basically integrates MIPS technology into the padding of the helmet itself. The minimalist fastening system provides 10 to 15mm of rotation in each direction, thus offering the same protective benefits as other MIPS systems, while at the same time being very light and comfortable.

For the aerodynamic development of the Evade, we practically moved into the wind tunnel. Having it at your complete disposal allows us to start with the aerodynamics of the design, instead of doing the tests afterwards. The performance of this helmet has been thoroughly analyzed in the wind tunnel, and then continued with road tests, to leave nothing to chance. The Evade was built thanks to countless hours of development and testing, and the result is the fastest road helmet we've ever tested.

Not only have we reduced the air resistance, we have managed to do it without compromising safety thanks to the new construction in EPS Energy Optimized Multi-Density (differentiated density according to the zones). As for ventilation, the air that passes freely through the helmet makes it cooler than ever, as well as reducing drag. Aerodynamics and ventilation travel in parallel and have been optimized together in the wind tunnel to find the best combination. The air intakes and internal grooves have been created to let the maximum amount of air enter through the helmet, for perfect ventilation. The new Evade is cool, it feels like riding without a helmet. The coolest aero helmet on the market.

Wearing the Evade will save you 50 seconds over a distance of 40km, compared to a traditional road helmet and about 6 seconds compared to the previous version. In a nutshell, fresh and fast too. On the road helmet market, there is no such thing.

Last but certainly not least, a fast helmet is useless if the fit is not perfect. The S-Works Evade has all the features you can expect from a high-end helmet, such as our Mindset HairPort 2 positioning system with micro-adjustment, soft and non-deformable straps and Gutter Action device to prevent sweat from entering the eyes.

  • The MIPS SL system is the most ventilated version, and is only available for Specialized helmets.
  • Thanks to its development in the wind tunnel, the Evade is the fastest road helmet.
  • "4th Dimension Cooling" ventilation, with large vents, deep internal grooves and aligned vents.
  • Patented construction in Energy Optimized Multi-Density EPS for perfect impact management.
  • Internal structure in Aramid: built specifically for the management of impacts and to limit weight.
  • Lightweight Mindset Hairport II vertical adjustment system with micro-register for perfect fit.
  • Gutter Action pads on the forehead for comfort and sweat management.
  • The thin, soft and light 4X DryLite material from which the straps are made does not fray due to sweat or water.
  • The sealing system is designed for the integration of an ANGi sensor.
  • The ANGi sensor, sold separately, will make you feel comfortable - when paired with the Specialized Ride App, the sensor detects any falls and sends an SMS to the contacts you have selected on your phone. The sensor syncs with the App and STRAVA® to provide a track of the activity based on the GPS.