S-Works Evade 3 Helmet - Matte Black

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The most aerodynamic road helmet now "breathes" better. The S-Works Evade 3 has been redesigned from the inside out to be cooler as well as remaining the fastest pick in the pack.

Through extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics and Win Tunnel testing, we created a rear "diffuser" that helps minimize drag and improve ventilation. The diffuser helps optimize aerodynamic performance by allowing air to escape more easily and improves ventilation by expelling 10% more air through the helmet at a given speed.

The occipital adjustment guarantees comfort thanks to the possibility of adjusting the fit based on the shape of the head and allows you to change the angle of the helmet for compatibility with glasses. The TriFix system with thinner straps reduces any irritation. The Mindset holding system is very light and provides excellent grip for on-the-fly adjustments while pedaling.

MIPS Node Air technology is integrated into the padding, is lightweight, and was created to dissipate rotational forces in the event of an impact. Specialized has added perforations for optimal comfort.

Increased ventilation thanks to enlarged front vents.

Rear diffuser for aerodynamic and ventilation benefits.

MIPS Air Node is the most ventilation-focused MIPS solution.

Adjustable Tri-Fix web divider increases comfort through a custom fit.

Precision, full coverage polycarbonate shell for durability and premium finish.