Sidi Wire 2 Matt Carbon Shoes - Matt Grey

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by Sidi
Type: street shoes


The central mechanism creates a perfect balance of tension between the inside and outside of the shoe.

The symmetrical closure guarantees an excellent closure, adapting to every type of instep.

An innovative button added to the rotor, if pressed, raises the lever to facilitate adjustment .

The TECNO-3 mechanism allows you to close the shoe in the upper area of ​​the foot thus obtaining a personalized fit .

The reliable Sidi closing systems, completely replaceable , have been improved thanks to a new type of cable, which allows quick adjustment with extreme ease.

TECNO-3 PUSH SYSTEM can be adjusted even while running using an innovative button . Pressing it raises the lever to facilitate adjustment.


The heel adjustment mechanism reinforces the spoiler and improves the fit by allowing the rear part of the shoe to be closed more securely by tightening the heel so that it does not come off during pedaling efforts.

Each side of the heel can be adjusted independently , for a perfect fit.

For a customized adjustment , turn the screw towards the + sign to tighten the mechanism and towards the – sign to loosen it.

Lightweight, easy to use and replaceable.


Anatomically molded plastic heel counter that reduces slippage and provides greater power transfer , supports and stabilizes the heel. Provides greater safety in the event of a fall.


Sidi cycling shoes feature a replaceable polyurethane heel pad .


The key advantages of the VENT CARBON sole are not only greater power transfer , thanks to its lightness and stiffness, but also greater comfort in case of high temperatures.

The VENT CARBON sole is designed with an integrated air intake and air channels for ventilation and heat dispersion. The air vent can be opened or closed , for optimal comfort in every season.

The VENT CARBON sole is handmade , exclusively with woven carbon fiber , which maximizes rigidity while allowing a minimum degree of controlled flexion at the toe. This carefully designed flexion biomechanically relieves stress on the plantar tendons and helps improve circulation .

A cleat alignment scale is printed on the VENT CARBON sole, which allows adjustment of 10 mm forwards and backwards, making replacement easier.