Assos Chamois Crème Pre-Ride Skin Protector Woman Cream 200ml

by Assos
Type: creme-e-oli
SKU: 13.90.921.99

A necessary product for the phase before pedaling that rehydrates, plumps and protects the skin, as well as preventing irritation due to rubbing.

Inside the Product : Cycling is challenging enough without the persistent irritations and other discomforts caused by chafing with the saddle. This is why ASSOS recommends starting each pedal stroke with the right preventive action for the body. Chamois Crème rehydrates, plumps and reduces the risk of irritation and inflammation, as well as preventing damage to the bottom of the shorts.

  • Saddle cream composed of natural extracts;
  • Cream to prevent rubbing pains;
  • Using the Chamois cream improves comfort in the saddle.