Specialized Ambush 2 helmet

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The materialized bravado. The Ambush has been re-designed from the ground up for modern trail riding. A current style, deep ventilation, a perfect fit and integration with the use of glasses.

  • The fit is customizable with precise adjustment, thanks to the Specialized Integrated Fit System, and the Tri-Fix devices.
  • Occipital adjustment provides unrivaled comfort and allows you to adjust the angle so that the helmet and goggles stay in place.
  • Small rubber inserts hold the goggles in place when you take them off and insert them into the helmet during long climbs or breaks.
  • Thanks to the CFD design, the construction provides large channels for the passage of air. The 4D Brow Cooling is a gap between the helmet and the forehead that allows air to be sucked in for ventilation at any speed.
  • The integrated visor provides wide vision and the integration with the use of goggles helps air flow through the helmet for optimal ventilation.
  • The differentiated density EPS material prevents the use of too much material where it is not needed, favoring lightness.
  • The Ambush 2 helmet received 5 stars, the best rating from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
  • MIPS SL construction: MIPS technology integrated into the padding, perforated for maximum breathability.
  • The Ambush 2 helmet is designed for mounting an ANGi sensor (sold separately) which detects impacts.
  • Approximate weight 360g (Mis. M)