Shimano Dura-Ace CS-R9200 Cassette Sprockets

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by Shimano
SKU: ICSR920012130
HYPERGLIDE+ cassettes have revolutionized off-road shifting with perfect shifting and downshifting fluidity. The time has come for technological changes for road cycling. Even during peak efforts uphill or near the finish line, riders no longer need to reduce pedal pressure to shift gears. In any gear, DURA-ACE R9250 drivetrains maximize efficiency with larger sprockets and maintain compatibility with existing 11-speed rear hub bodies. All this by switching to 12 gears and without increasing the weight, the DURA-ACE CS-R9200 cassettes are the new frontier for road bikes.


  • Faster and smoother gear changes even with maximum pedaling loads
  • The refined 12-step progressiveness maximizes efficiency and acceleration performance for all situations
  • Adding wider specs from 34D for pro-race use as well
  • Compatible with the new 12s rear hub body and 11s road