CERAMICSPEED OSPW derailleur cage accessory with Eagle AXS gold 12-speed carbon pulleys

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The OSPW X for Sram Eagle AXS features a Narrow/Wide tooth profile to ensure durable chain retention. The 14-tooth upper and 18-tooth lower sprocket reduces chain tensile resistance, while the custom-designed carbon fiber cage ensures durability and light weight. Features

  • Pulleys: 14 teeth upper and 18 teeth lower.
  • Pulley material: Aluminum.
  • Cage Material: PA Reinforced Carbon.
  • Bearing version: CeramicSpeed ​​Standard.
  • Compatibility: Sram Eagle AXS.
  • Cassette Compatibility: 10-50 with standard teeth.
  • Spring tension adjustment: 3.
  • Speed: 12.
  • Discipline: Off-road and gravity.
  • Real weight: 86 g.


OSPW - Oversized Pulley Wheel Systems
It doesn't matter whether you are an enthusiast or a professional cyclist, your only desire is always to always obtain the best performance, the OSPW oversized cage and pulley system is ready to satisfy these needs.
The oversize system consists of two alloy pulleys equipped with the incredible CeramicSpeed ​​​​bearings and an ultra-lightweight polyamide and carbon cage with titanium hardware. This combination allows the OSPW system to offer better performance than the standard pulleys and cages offered by the market.
Both OSPW systems for Shimano and Sram have been tested by the independent Friction Facts laboratory (which as of November 2016 has been incorporated by CeramicSpeed ​​for closer R&D collaboration and testing). These tests have concluded that the Oversized Pulley Wheel System (OSPW) guarantees a friction level of 40%-60% lower than the classic 11-tooth pulleys, in particular thanks to the increased size of the pulleys this cage allows an effective saving of watts starting at 1.6W for the Sram OSPW cage and 2.4W using the Shimano OSPW cage.

High quality ceramic products
All the components used for the CeramicSpeed ​​bearings and chains have been carefully selected by CeramicSpeed ​​technicians to guarantee durable and high quality products, this allows us to design and create the best products on the market capable of satisfying the needs of the best athletes in the world but even the wishes of the most dedicated enthusiasts.
CeramicSpeed ​​products allow to improve the performance of each cyclist by increasing his chances of getting on the podium but at the same time improving his sensations while riding.
The balls used for CeramicSpeed ​​​​bearings are composed of high quality ceramic which allows to create an ultra smooth surface with a much lower coefficient of friction than the classic steel or ceramic balls currently used on bicycles all over the world. These characteristics allow CeramicSpeed ​​​​bearings to offer incredible impact resistance but at the same time uncommon longevity.
Ceramic balls and their polyamide cage are matched (within microns) to the finest steel sealing rings featuring low friction polished surfaces, to complement and protect its bearings CeramicSpeed ​​uses a specific grease from low viscosity and anti-friction seals to keep water and dirt away from the ceramic balls.
To ensure the best performance each bearing is produced in Denmark in locations with regulated ventilation and isolated from any type of contaminant and inspected four times during the production process to ensure that all components fit perfectly.

CeramicSpeed ​​ceramic balls
The quality of the ceramic balls determines the performance and longevity of a bearing for this reason all CeramicSpeed ​​​​balls are made of grade 3 Silicon Nitride, which allows to reach the highest standards in terms of surface finish and roundness of the balls.
CeramicSpeed ​​​​balls guarantee unmatched impact resistance, surface uniformity and roundness, capable of standing out and offering incredible performance when compared to the classic ceramic or steel balls used for many components currently on sale.


  • Oversized OSPW derailleur cage and pulleys.
  • Oil.
  • Lives.
  • User guide for assembly and maintenance.

As far as the maintenance of the OSPW system is concerned, it is important to always keep your ceramic bearings well lubricated in order to ensure the best performance and maximum longevity. to do this it is recommended to add a sufficient quantity of oil through the pre-established lubrication points on the inner plate of the cage, so that the oil can penetrate the bearing optimally. It is advisable to carry out this procedure when lubricating the chain, after washing the bike or after rides in adverse weather conditions.