Specialized S-Works Turbo T2 / T5 clincher

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The Specialized S-Works Turbo is a fast and durable racing tire. The central tread features the new, efficient and faster Gripton 2 compound. On the shoulder, on the other hand, we find the T5 compound for perfect cornering grip. Puncture protection has been improved by 8 percent thanks to Kevlar BlackBelt hybrid technology under the tread. The light and flexible carcass together with the high degree of protection guarantee a fast and precise ride. A tire that improves performance by 4 watts over the previous S-Works Turbo, weighing only 200 grams for the 24mm section. Speed ​​from S-Works even with the inner tube.

  • 120 TPI casing.
  • Foldable headband, clincher with inner tube.
  • Double compound GRIPTON® T2 / T5.
  • BlackBelt protection.
  • 700 x 24mm, psi 100-115, indicative weight 200g.
  • 700 x 26mm, psi 95-115, indicative weight 220g.
  • 700 x 28mm, psi 75-95, indicative weight 240g.
  • 700 x 30mm, psi 65-90, indicative weight 260g.