Pirelli Pzero Race tire Made in Italy Black

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by Pirelli
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P ZERO - The name of the performance

From the experience in Formula 1, the story of P ZERO continues in professional cycling. P ZERO Race is designed to offer all the benefits of tube technology in a multi-purpose, race-ready tyre, which outperforms any bicycle tire Pirelli has made so far, tubulars included. P ZERO Race combines the benefits of tube technology with an all-rounder cycling tire for intense training sessions and races. The TechBELT Road casing improves reliability against punctures without weighing down the rubber while the special SmartEVO Compound improves grip performance on dry and wet asphalt compared to previous compounds.


  • Use: Racing Bike (Performance, Endurance).
  • Assembly: inner tube.
  • Reinforcement: TechBELT.
  • Headband: Foldable.
  • Compound: SmartEvo Compound.
  • Carcass: 120 TPI.
  • Actual weight: 210 g (700x26C ETRTO 26-622), 240 g (700x28C ETRTO 28-622).

The new P Zero Race is Made in Italy.


SmartEvo compound
The most advanced racing formulation ever for use on the road, born from Pirelli's experience in the top Motorsport competitions and from specific collaboration with the World Tour factory teams. The new SmartEvo Compound uses a compound of 3 different polymers, each of which it provides performance in a perfect balance of opposing characteristics, such as grip and smoothness. The ternary blend of polymers with "smart" behavior characteristics as the basis of the outstanding properties of the SmartEvo compound, allows better grip on dry and wet surfaces, while improving rolling resistance. SmartEvo Compond is a high performance compound tuned for the most modern cycling disciplines, from local or World Tour races, to epic adventures where the climate and road surfaces require tires that excel in all circumstances. SmartEvo is for the exclusive use of the P ZERO range.

TechBELT Road
120 and 60tpi carcass with the addition of a nylon puncture-proof reinforcement layer under the tread makes it an extremely reliable configuration and able to guarantee high levels of comfort for any type of use, from training to daily commuting. The TechBelt Road structure is for the exclusive use of the P ZERO range.

Optimized for modern 19C wheels
Pirelli P Zero Race was developed and optimized for the new rims with 19C internal channel, the best performance is obtained based on the size of the rim and the rider's weight with which to calculate the optimal pressure for use. Due to the construction and adaptation to the most current standards, each size of P ZERO Race has a wider tread than the corresponding P ZERO Velo: a wider and more elongated footprint on the ground, all to the advantage of smoothness, protection drilling and cornering control.