Pirelli Scorpion XC RC ProWall Color Edition Yellow tyre

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by Pirelli
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Scorpion™ XC RC - a tire designed for the rider looking for maximum performance in racing conditions, always pushing their limits

The Pirelli Scorpion™ MTB range was born from Pirelli's experience and know-how in the world of off-road competitions. Rally and motocross are a substantial part of Pirelli's DNA and the research and development process that led to the birth of Scorpion™ MTB began from there. The shape of the blocks comes from the experience and technologies of the Scorpion™ MX range, used on all motocross and supercross race fields around the world, with more than 65 world titles won.

The compound used for the Scorpion™ MTB range is the result of an intense research and development process which has made it possible to obtain absolute performance in both dry and wet conditions. The use of the exclusive SmartGRIP compound has allowed Pirelli technicians to develop designs optimized for the consistency of the terrain regardless of the climatic condition, maximizing the yield of the various geometries of the blocks present in the Scorpion™ MTB range, for a truly uncompromising performance .
Choosing the most suitable tread for the terrain on which you ride your mountain bike allows you to enjoy absolute performance, both in wet and dry conditions.

With the Pirelli Scorpion™ MTB range it is no longer necessary to change tires based on the weather conditions, but it is sufficient to concentrate on the consistency of the terrains that are usually tackled.

The Scorpion™ XC range is developed to ensure the best performance at speed while guaranteeing excellent grip for Cross-Country competitions. Low weight rubber with ProWALL technology will help you face competitions in the best possible way with excellent sliding qualities and a great sense of safety in all types of climatic conditions, both dry and wet. A tread pattern designed to best handle modern cross-country trails: from artificial technical sections to natural wooded sections, from compact to inconsistent terrain.


  • The Scorpion XC RC are ideal on mixed terrain, where changes can also be unpredictable or sudden.
  • The tread pattern of Scorpion™ XC RC was designed together with cross-country World Cup racers: low and numerous central knobs for the best smoothness, pronounced lateral knobs for cornering control. An uncompromising tread pattern.
  • Tubeless ready 120 Tpi casing for greater stability and grip
  • Grip: SmartGRIP Compound is a compound developed on the experience of motorsport championships, the choice of the single-compound solution offers consistently high grip in both dry and wet conditions, even when the knobs begin to wear out.


SmartGRIP compound

SmartGrip Compound is a compound that uses the most advanced chemical technologies to obtain two typically antithetical characteristics in the off-road world: mechanical resistance and chemical grip. This formulation makes it possible to achieve such a level of performance that it can be used throughout the rubber layer that makes up the tread. The use of a single compound ensures that performance does not decrease as tread wear increases, a criticality typical of multi-layer compounds. Pirelli chooses the best compound for each tread and each size, with no compromise between grip and handling on dry and wet surfaces.


Sidewall reinforcement technology, for better puncture protection and low pressure drivability. An additional layer of Nylon fabric applied to the sidewalls of the casing for extra protection and greater cornering stability.