Specialized S-Works Mondo 2BR T2/T5 TIRE 700x32 tire - Black

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The Specialized S-Works Mondo 2Bliss Ready clincher is designed for Endurance and E-bikes with a high level of performance and durability, with extra protection against punctures. The central tread features the new, efficient and faster Gripton 2 compound. On the shoulder, however, we find the T5 compound for perfect grip when cornering. In the infrequent event that something does puncture the Blackbelt protector, the new S-Works 2BR will self-heal when RapidAir sealant is used. Puncture protection has been improved by 8 percent thanks to the hybrid Kevlar BlackBelt technology under the tread. The light and flexible carcass together with the high degree of protection guarantee fast and precise driving. The new S-Works Mondo 2BR is compatible with hookless or traditional rims so you can use the wheels you want, and the pressure you prefer. The headband is reinforced with Zylon and exceeds hookless pressure standards by 200%.

  • 120 TPI casing.
  • Bendable Headband, 2Bliss Ready.
  • GRIPTON® T2/T5 dual compound.
  • BlackBelt puncture protection.
  • 700 x 32mm, psi 72.5.