DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut DB 50 Wheelset

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The latest generation of ARC 1100 DICUT wheels was developed in collaboration with SWISS SIDE, the experienced leader in aerodynamic optimization. As a result, the new AERO + rim profile minimizes both drag and turning moment to improve aerodynamics and control even in strong crosswinds. In this way, it is easier for the cyclist to keep the wheel under control, while taking advantage of the push effect. The wheel configuration is complemented by the new DT Swiss aerodynamic spokes in combination with the sleek 180 DICUT hub with ultralight SINC ceramic bearings.


  • Material: carbon.
  • Circle: Clincher.
  • Internal width: 20 mm.
  • External width: 26.5 mm.
  • Maximum weight: 110 kg.
  • Hub: DT Swiss 180.
  • Hub dimensions: 100 mm.
  • Nipples: DT Pro Lock hidden aluminum.
  • Spokes: DT aero comp® II t-head.
  • Spoking: crossing in 2 (1: 1).
  • Real weight: 676 g.
  • ASTM classification: 1


The Tubeless Ready rims of the DT Swiss range offer further advantages over traditional rims. Their cross section design allows the tire to bead more easily during inflation, even with a standard floor pump. The elaborate DT Swiss rim profile also ensures a precise and safe fit of the tire even during aggressive driving.

The Dicut line is a perfect combination of aerodynamics, technology and design. Dicut hubs have a perfectly matched geometry and straight pull spokes provide the necessary stiffness. The high modulus brake tracks are attached with a heat resistant resin to withstand the high temperatures downhill.

Aero +
The symbiosis of strength, handling and efficiency. When refining a wheel according to AERO +, the optimization of all parameters is subject to one goal: higher speeds!

Sinc Ceramic

SINC ceramic ball bearings were developed by DT Swiss. They are based on silicon nitride (Si3N4) spheres, an extremely tough ceramic material that is resistant to wear and corrosion. The bearing rings are made of specially developed steel alloy, adapted to the properties of the specific ceramic material used and precisely ground. This combination reduces rolling resistance to an absolute minimum and ensures longer life than conventional ball bearings.


  • x2 Tubeless tape 23 mm.
  • x2 49-65mm Tubeless Valve.
  • SRAM XDR Road body.
  • x2 5mm endcap Kit.
  • x2 Valve protection.
  • x2 Wheel bag.