Assos Chamois Crème Pre-Ride Skin Protector 200ml

by Assos
Type: creme-e-oli
SKU: 13.90.920.99

ASSOS' legendary Chamois Crème is a must-have pre-ride product, as it reduces chafing, rehydrates, plumps the skin and minimizes the risk of saddle sores.

Inside the Product : Chafing and saddle sores are common problems for both professional and recreational cyclists. Therefore, Assos has specifically developed a lubricating cream that alleviates both problems. Equipped with moisturizing and slightly refreshing properties, ASSOS Chamois Crème cream has a perfect viscosity that reduces chafing, allows it to withstand longer rides and rinses completely without damaging or staining the chamois. The formula of this essential item of cyclist's equipment has been perfected over the decades to become the benchmark for the sector.

  • Saddle cream composed of natural extracts;
  • Cream to prevent rubbing pains;
  • Using the Chamois cream improves comfort in the saddle.