Resolv Bike Clean All In One detergent

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ResolvBike Clean 1 liter is the first detergent and degreaser product, ideal for cleaning the entire bike, motorbike and all its sports equipment.
ResolvBike is extremely easy to use: just wet the bike or motorbike, spray the detergent on all its parts, let it act for a few tens of seconds, brush, rinse, dry and lubricate the parts that need it.

NANO Technology
Its innovative formula is able to treat every surface in the most delicate way possible without leaving a trace of dirt; in fact, thanks to NANO Technology Protection, ResolvBike Clean releases a protective film on the surfaces, creating a barrier against dirt that will facilitate all subsequent washes. Furthermore, its natural composition makes it a completely environmentally friendly product. The cleaner is equipped with a high-performance and long-lasting professional spray nozzle.

What can be cleaned?
The special formula of ResolvBike Clean is useful for thoroughly cleaning parts in plastic, rubber, aluminum, metals, alloys, brakes, discs, rims, tires, saddles, knobs, wheels, innovative fabrics, chains, mechanical parts, helmets, protections, technical clothing and entire looms.