disc bca 6 holes 180mm sp2.10 138 gr

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by BCA
Type: dischi
SKU: yod4180

High performance BCA Performance brake disc, model Y0DA4 180 MM. The particular construction and processing of the braking track allows to drastically increase the braking performance and heat dissipation, compared to a traditional disc.

BCA Performance Brake Disc Y0D4 180

  • Composed of two non-floating pieces and lighter than mono blocks

  • Spider in ergal anchored to the track reduces vibrations transmitted to pads / pistons

  • The machined surface with grooves and fins dissipates heat improving cooling

  • Disc thickness 2.1 mm

  • 6 holes fixing

  • Weight 180 mm: 138 gr

  • screws are not included in the package