Enervit Gymline Protein Bar 27% Gianduia single layer

by Enervit
SKU: 92684

- With 27% (12 g) of protein
- With a mix of vitamins
- Milk chocolate coating
- Gluten free
- Gianduia taste

The ideal protein bar as a post-workout snack

Reward your muscles at the end of your workout or at any time of the day, with a good and protein-rich snack ° °. The important thing is to choose only the highest quality ones.
The Gymline Protein Bar 27% protein bar provides your muscle mass with valuable nutrients, thanks to a unique composition based on milk and soy protein isolate with vitamins.
After the effort, the pleasure begins!

Gymline Protein Bar 27% Gianduia is the soft protein bar with peanuts and caramel covered with milk chocolate, which will be your ideal snack to consume at the end of the workout as well as during the day.

  • 12 g of milk and soy protein isolate
  • Source of vitamin B6 ° and D ^
  • Without gluten or palm oil

Why hire it
Your muscles need protein * to grow every day, so in addition to a balanced diet, you can consume your protein bar whenever you like.
If you work out, consume it right after your workout to benefit as much as possible.
Why precisely Gymline Protein Bar 27% ? Because it is the protein bar that contains high quality proteins ° ° that help your muscle mass to grow, and is designed to provide you with valuable nutrients, with the advantage of being incredibly good.