Enervit Pre Sport Jelly Orange Flavor

by Enervit
Type: gel
SKU: 90524

- Ideal before physical activity
- With isomaltulose
- Gluten free
- Orange flavor

Your ideal Pre Sport

Having the correct determination even before starting, prepares the right mental set-up, which will help you when the path becomes more challenging.

The departure decides everything, and then you start off on the right foot. Start with Enervit Pre Sport, which, with its carbohydrate formula with isomaltulose, prepares your body for action.

Increase the availability of energy already at the start with the Enervit Pre Sport energy gel, and you will see that the pedaling will become easier and the run smoother. Pre Sport is the highly technical energy supplement, based on a concentrate of different carbohydrate sources, enriched with isomaltulose °. Essential and functional.

  • Innovative formula based on carbohydrates
  • With Isomaltulose
  • Practical to take

° The intake of foods containing isomaltulose instead of other sugars induces a lower increase in blood glucose after their intake compared to foods containing sugar:

Why take it before training and competitions

The intake of 2 Pre Sport jellies provides about 50 g of carbohydrates, very precious in the early stages of an intense physical activity, so take it at breakfast, or directly on the blocks, just do not exceed 2 hours before departure!
Keep your energy levels high during the journey, combine it with other products of the Enervit Sport range to build the nutritional strategy aimed at your goals.