Sidi Ergo 5 shoes matt black

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by Sidi


SOFT INSTEP CLOSURE SYSTEM : The Soft Instep Closure System is a strap positioned on the instep, shaped, soft and anatomical coupled with soft material for greater comfort.

It distributes pressure evenly across the instep and adjusts on both sides to have a perfectly centered position of the strap depending on whether the instep is low or high.

The system eliminates the need to use a spacer.

Soft Instep Closure System is replaceable.

TECNO-3 PUSH SYSTEM : Allows you to close the shoe along its entire length, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot and thus obtaining a personalized fit.

The reliable Sidi closing systems, completely replaceable, have been improved thanks to a new type of cable, which allows quick adjustment with extreme ease.

Tecno-3 Push System can also be adjusted while running using an innovative button. Pressing it raises the lever to make adjustment easier.

HIGH SECURITY VELCRO : High Security Velcro is a strap with a velcro band that closes the front part of the shoe.

When the strap is closed, small plastic teeth fit together making the closure even more stable and secure.

SIDI HEEL : Anatomically molded plastic heel that reduces slipping and provides greater power transfer, supports and stabilizes the heel. Gives more safety in case of a fall.

NON-SLIP HEEL : Sidi cycling shoes are equipped with a replaceable polyurethane heel on the heel.

TWELVE CARBON COMPOSITE SOLE : The Twelve Carbon Composite sole is built with two different materials fused together, nylon and carbon fiber. It is made of carbon fiber injected into a nylon base.

The nylon used does not absorb water and does not lose its rigidity in hot or humid weather conditions, even with the passage of time. The result is a light and stiff sole.