Finish Line Degreaser Citrus Bio

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Finish Line EcoTech 2 is a biodegradable cleaner for use on any bike. The degreasing solution removes heavy deposits of grease and dirt without attacking the rubber and plastic parts.

Hard on dirt, good on components - Finish Line EcoTech 2 Degreaser

The cleaner contains corrosion and rust inhibitors and gives a glossy finish to metal parts. Contains 100% active biodegradable degreasing solutions (without water) that allow you to clean bicycle chains and gears faster and more times without further rinsing with water. On the other hand, this biodegradable and ecological degreaser can be diluted with water, depending on the degree of dirt, for a more delicate and economical cleaning.

Features - EcoTech degreaser

  • Less time for cleaning means more time for driving!
  • A powerful solvent acts against grease and dirt
  • It is not necessary to use water
  • 100% biodegradable