Finish Line EcoTech Degreaser Concentrated Drop 600ml

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Type: lubrificanti
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Special formula for rapid degreasing action.

EcoTech Degreaser features 100% biodegradable (waterless) degreasing solvents, so your bike chain and derailleurs clean faster and more often without the need to rinse.

Less time cleaning equals more time riding! Powerful solvents extracted from soy break through tough grease, dirt, earth and clay with astonishing ease. EcoTech Degreaser does not attack or damage plastics and will biodegrade if it gets into the ground.

Instructions for use: For the best and fastest result, use the undiluted pure content with Finish Line's Grunge Brush or Finish Line's Professional Chain Cleaner. Wipe with a rag or rinse with water. For convenience, it can be diluted with up to 4 parts water.