Fulcrum Racing 4 DB C19 Disc Brake Road Wheels 2022

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by Fulcrum

Thanks to the 34 mm medium profile, the new Fulcrum Racing 4 DB wheels represent the perfect balance between aerodynamics, driving precision and versatility , ideal for pedaling easily uphill without sacrificing stability when speed increases - not surprisingly yes deals with the wheels used by the Cofidis team for seasonal training.

Compared to the previous model, the new version features an aluminum rim with CNC milled and lightened profile and with a wider 19 mm internal channel (in the previous model it was 17 mm) that allows you to easily accommodate 25 mm tires. The wheels are also available with 2 Way Fit technology which gives the possibility to choose between clincher and tubeless (tubeless tape installed and valves included). On an aesthetic level, the new Racing 4 DB line features laser-engraved graphics, for a more captivating look and greater resistance to atmospheric agents.


- Use: Racing Bike
- Tire type: 2-Way Fit ™ Ready (Clincher / Tubeless Ready)
- Circle diameter: 622x19C
- Rim material: Aluminum
- Rim profile (front / rear): Symmetrical
- Rim height (front / rear): 34 mm
- Inner rim width: 19 mm
- External rim width: 24 mm
- Number of spokes (front / rear): 24/24
- Spokes: Steel (Rounded, Straight pull)
- Nipples material: Aluminum
- Hubs: Adjustable industrial bearings
- Hubs material: Aluminum
- ASTM category: 2
- Weight limit (cyclist system, bike, equipment and luggage): 120 kg
- Other: Laser engraved graphics + stickers
- Weight (manufacturer, pair): 1710 gr.
- Black colour


- Braking system: Center Lock disc
- Front axle: 12x100 mm *
- Rear axle: 12x142 mm *
- Recommended tire size: 25 / 28-622


- Shimano HG11 (Shimano / SRAM 10 / 11s)
- Sram XDr (12v)
- Campagnolo N3W (11/12 / 13v)


- Tubeless tape
- UST valves and accessories
- Center Lock nuts

* Pins not included.

For the aluminum rim of the new Fulcrum Racing 4 disc, it was decided to confirm the triple milling structure throughout the profile to minimize the aluminum thicknesses.
Then the technicians added a three-dimensional milling in the base of the spokes: this means less material and the same reliability as the forces, with this particular design, are well distributed on the rim.
Triple milling and “Square Milling” allow the maximum reduction of the peripheral weight of the rim, to make the wheel extremely reactive.

Tubeless technology was adopted in the automotive sector, then in the motorcycle sector and finally in cycling. After the debut with the mountain bike it is time to "put it on the road": and this is what Fulcrum offers us. It has developed 2-Way Fit ™ technology to ensure perfect compatibility of their tubeless rims even with normal tires and tubes. The 2-Way Fit ™ wheels are perfectly versatile to tackle any situation. Thanks to a particular imprint in the valve area, the assembly of the inner tubes takes place with the utmost precision, keeping the chamber perfectly stable inside the clincher. The valve for tubeless tires is also housed without risk, with the undoubted advantage that there are never air infiltrations due to a non-optimal positioning at the time of assembly. The advantages are clear: the various tests have shown an unprecedented increase in smoothness. As there is no inner tube, in fact, the friction due to friction with the tire is eliminated and the perfect adherence of the clincher to the rim avoids energy dispersion. A tubeless tire does not suffer from sudden sagging in the event of a puncture, therefore, a nice advantage in terms of safety. No risk of pinching, then, because there is no inner tube to break.

The Axial Fixing System ™ is the solution developed by Fulcrum® to fix the disc brake to the hub. The constraint given by the strike surface of the fixing, greater than in the already known standards, allows to acquire greater structural rigidity and therefore a more precise and powerful braking.