Amplifi Sleeve Elbow

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by Amplifi
Type: gomitiere

Elbow pads for enduro mtb

The Amplifi Sleeve elbow pads are designed to offer you protection from abrasions, bruises and bruises. They are designed to allow maximum mobility, in fact we find the elbow sleeve, the lightest and most versatile in the category, specially developed in ergonomic stretch fabric, and the protection with articulated 3d model, precisely to leave maximum mobility to the articulation with the maximum protection.

- Body Map Construction: Sleeve elbow pads have been designed and created based on the latest anthropometric and ergonomic data, 3D body scans and advice from top sports scientists and injury specialists.

- Articulated design: Their concept of "Freedom" has meant that the Sleeve protectors were conceived and built with a specific design to make the movement of the limb as free as possible, but always remaining protected to the maximum.

- 3D panels: The 3D panels "protection" are thermoformed, and made of EVA and elastane. They are light and comfortable during long hikes or super steep rides in any weather.

The protections are complete with a nice and very useful net bag for transport.


- Comfortable protections
- Made of elastane
- 3D technology protection
- Articulated design
- Weight +/- 95g
- Complete with mesh bag