Assos Winter Gloves EVO gloves - Black

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by Assos
Type: gloves
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Windproof, waterproof and space-saving winter gloves. Revisited to guarantee greater thermal insulation. The palm structure prevents too much material from being created in the grip, while maintaining the feel of the grip on the handlebars and the dexterity of the fingers.

Inside the product : For the palm panel, we replaced the microfiber fabric with a new thermal, breathable and water-repellent fabric, which offers optimal grip, finger dexterity and grip feel on the handlebars, eliminating the tendency of microfiber to absorb moisture. moisture, whether it's sweat or cold splashes from the street. The palm padding design matches the padding of our summer and spring-autumn gloves, creating consistency of comfort across the range.

Technology overview

The peculiarities

Materials : The thermal, windproof and water-repellent fabric creates a barrier that protects the cyclist from the harsh winter cold. This is a lighter version of the material already used for ULTRAZ gloves.

Fit : The anatomical cut reduces the amount of fabric on the palm and avoids the formation of cumbersome and annoying creases, favoring the addition of other layers and freedom of movement of the hands: while the longer cuffs prevent portions of the arm from remaining uncovered between the glove and the sleeve of the jacket.

Technologies :

  • Touchscreen compatibility: Compatibility with touchscreen screens allows you to use your smartphone and consult the navigator without taking off your glove.