by Shimano
  • Clean cockpit: the wireless connection improves the aesthetics of the bike and ensures lightning-fast shifting
  • » 1.5 to 2 years of battery life with easy-to-replace CR1632 shifter batteries
  • Unmatched ergonomics, perfected with feedback from the pros
  • Unmatched ergonomics, perfected with feedback from the pros
  • » Raised handguard improves ergonomics, and extended handguard body increases hand support
  • »Compatible with satellite shifters
  • SERVO WAVE technology optimizes brake control
  • » Lighter, smoother lever action
  • » Optimized modulation thanks to a larger braking control area
  • Advanced materials
  • » Carbon fiber lever and titanium structure
  • Compatible with cable connection (for e-bike applications)
  • Make DURA-ACE more yours with customizable button functions and adjustable ergonomics
  • » Change the function of the buttons easily with the E-TUBE app
  • » Find your optimal lever position with a simple reach adjustment
  • One-piece construction maximizes stiffness and reduces weight
  • Pad clearance increased by 10% reduces the chance of rotor rub
  • Low maintenance purge procedure