Ruote Lightweight Meilestein Evo Schwarz Ed Disc

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Available in numerous variations

The Lightweight MEILENSTEIN is available as a tubular (MEILENSTEIN T), tubeless (MEILENSTEIN EVO) and as a clincher (MEILENSTEIN C). Tubulars, wired and even the tubeless version offer the best STW values ​​(stiffness to weight = stiffness / weight ratio) with maximum heat resistance. The MEILENSTEIN clincher has already emerged as the outstanding winner in many tests and is arguably the most exclusive and most powerful full carbon clincher wheelset in the world. The Lightweight Milestone wheelset can be purchased with a 24mm wide rim and is ideal for endurance and comfort road bikes.

The MEILENSTEIN 24 D is available as a tubular model with disc brakes. The MEILENSTEIN EVO (Tubeless) is also equipped with disc brakes.

The road bike can be equipped with the following wheel set variants:

  • Carbon tubular wheelset (Lightweight MEILENSTEIN T), carbon clincher (Lightweight MEILENSTEIN C) or carbon tubeless (Lightweight MEILENSTEIN EVO)
  • Rim brake or disc brake (disc)
  • 24 mm wide rim
  • Front wheel with 16 or 20 full carbon spokes
  • Rear wheel with 20 full carbon spokes
  • easily replaceable rotor for Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM
  • The black ED also offers: simple clarity through the understatement: spokes, rims and logos in black, increased durability and less rolling resistance thanks to the CeramicSpeed ​​ceramic bearings

Each Lightweight wheelset is carefully handcrafted in Germany. This can lead to slight deviations in the structure and color of the surface. This is a characteristic quality feature of this particularly valuable production method. Lightness is synonymous with high quality made in Germany.