Bontrager Ion 120 Light

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Type: fanali
SKU: 431765

A lighthouse in the night

The Ion 120 front light is available in a compact size; easily installed, it offers enough power to fully illuminate the road or path in front of you. Powerful 120 Lumen front light, Ion 120 offers 270 degrees of visibility and has three lighting modes: high, low and intermittent. Batteries and Sync mounting brackets included.

Product details

  1. 120 Lumens generated by a powerful and ecological 1W CREE LED
  2. Ensure optimal visibility, greater than 270 degrees
  3. Versatile lighting options: high, low and flashing modes
  4. Sync support for quick and easy adjustment, mounting and removal
  5. Includes 3 AAA batteries and Quick Connect bracket
  6. Compatible with Blendr