Assos RSR Jersey SUPERLEGER jersey

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Assos Equipe RSR Superléger S9 - Jersey
The Equipe RSR Superléger S9 is an incredibly lightweight jersey designed for fast races, group training and indoor training sessions. When the goal is to reduce weight without compromising performance, this jersey sets new standards.

Performance-oriented clothing for extreme heat: ASSOS Equipe RSR Superléger S9

In size M it weighs only 82g - 35% less than the standard ASSOS WorldTour jersey - and is still race proven. The prototype of this jersey made its Tour debut and was further developed with the help of rider feedback in subsequent races. The open structure of the jersey is so light that it is recommended to apply sunscreen underneath when cycling outdoors.

Combine it with SUPERLÉGER shorts for indoor training and the hottest summer days. For fast races and group training, ASSOS recommends wearing it with EQUIPE RS or RSR shorts. A base coat is not required.

The all-new Hill Rombo is the lightest material ASSOS has ever used for a jersey body. It is - just like the lightweight FOIL ASSOSSOIRES - circular knit and therefore promotes breathability and air exchange. Push Pull is used as a lightweight and breathable material for the sleeves. The ultralight mesh ensures that the back pockets are as light as the rest of the jersey.

The thinnest cut in the ASSOS range: aeroFit was developed for the WorldTour and therefore impresses on every ride. The skin-tight fit also impresses with the zipperless design that fits the body precisely to the hair.

Product Details - Equipe RSR Superléger S9

  • Push Pull: The pockets and sleeves are made with ASSOS Push Pull fabric, which has a high UV protection (USF 50+). This quick-drying fine-knit fabric with bi-stretch is characterized by high breathability and high comfort
  • Raw-cut sleeves: A soft transition between the sleeves and the shirt, which also makes the front of the shirt more aerodynamic
  • AeroFit: The thinnest cut from ASSOS, designed specifically for speed and tighter than racingFit, which also provides a higher level of compression. It may feel restrictive when not in the riding position, but it fits like a second skin when in the riding position
  • Single Pocket: The pocket is larger than on standard jerseys and can be used to store cell phones, gels or a wind vest. ASSOS recommends wearing the latter with the downhill shirt.
  • Line : EQUIPE RS
  • ASSOS Clima range : All year round X73
  • Fit : ASSOS aeroFit

ASSOS technologies

ASSOS aeroFit
The slimmer fit from ASSOS, specifically designed for speed and tighter than racingFit, which also provides a higher level of compression. It may feel quite restrictive out of the riding position, but it fits like a second skin on the road bike.

AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design)
The know-how, experience and philosophy with which the fit of the products is developed and designed to perfectly harmonize with the riding position on the bike is called ASSOS AEPD. ASSOS clothing is designed to fit and blend perfectly with the body on the bike. High-tech materials are basically useless if they are not perfectly cut and finished.

ALS (ASSOS layering system)
Less is more. The entire ASSOS collection is designed according to this philosophy. The goal in the development of ASSOS fabrics is to utilize the body's natural thermoregulatory properties with a minimum of weight and volume across multiple layers of clothing. Both fabrics and garments are always oriented to their specific function and designed to complement each other perfectly. Everything fits together like a puzzle, both technically and aesthetically.