Assos Assosoires Spring Fall SS Skin Underwear Shirt - Black

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by Assos
Type: intimo
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The Assos Assesoires Spring/Fall SS Skin Layer base layer has been refined with a medium weight knit construction to keep the torso lightly protected and dry in cool weather conditions. The Skin Layer line is just the latest innovation to come out of the Assos laboratories. This protective layer forms the basis of the ASSOS Layering System and allows you to keep the upper body dry and protected during the cooler spring and autumn days. The Spring/Fall Skin Layer is a completely revamped first layer and is now also approximately 11% lighter than the skinFoil that preceded it. Made with Circular Seamless technology, the fabric has no side seams that are a source of irritation, because it is a uniform tubular knit that is ultra-soft on the skin. Composed of a blend of carbon fibers and polypropylene suitable for cooler temperatures, it is now able to manage humidity and insulation much better than previous versions. The result is a soft, insulating and antibacterial short sleeve layer that keeps you dry and protected under your top layers.

  • Circular Seamless: A tubular technology jersey, with no side seams that gives you a sensation of ultra-softness and comfort on the body.
  • Set-In Sleeves: Sleeves are directly sewn into the armholes, allowing for full range of motion under overlays.
  • Composition: 71% polypropylene, 22% polyamide, 4% elastane, 3% carbon fibre.
  • Composition: 71%PP 22%PA 4%EA 3%CF.
  • Black colour.