Assos Assosoires Winter LS Skin Long Sleeve Base Layer - Black

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by Assos
Type: intimo
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Assos Winter LS Skin Layer long sleeve base layer. Temperature regulation is the essential indicator of the performance of any base layer and this is especially important for winter versions. The climaCode helps you to deal with the problems related to the winter season when, for example, the wind is colder and you need to wear more layers. And this is where the Winter LS Skin Layer comes into play. Perfected with a thicker, more stretchy knit collar from the previous season's spring / fall version, it offers superior insulation and flexibility under the outermost layers. It should be noted that the Skin Layer is a completely revised version of all the underwear from the previous collections. Featuring a completely revamped design with a new blend of fibers, Winter LS is approximately 13% lighter than the Winter skinFoil that preceded it and features its Circular Seamless construction that shows no irritating side seam. It is made with a mixture of carbon fibers and polypropylene with the addition of elastane, suitable for the winter climate, which wicks moisture away from the skin and insulates the torso, keeping you dry, protected and offering total comfort from the first moment.

  • Circular Seamless: A tubular technology jersey, with no side seams able to give you a feeling of ultra softness and comfort on the body.
  • Set-in sleeves: Sleeves are directly sewn into the armholes, favoring a full range of motion under the top layers.
  • Composition: 91% polypropylene, 6% elastane, 3% carbon fiber.