Assos Spring Fall Arm Warmers EVO

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by Assos
Type: manicotti
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Assos Spring Fall sleeves, the lightest sleeves ever, designed to provide UV protection and ultra-light thermal insulation, very useful in mid-seasons. Champions in eliminating sweat, they actively regulate skin temperature and protect from the sun's rays on hot summer days.

Inside the product : The Spring Fall Arm Warmers, elasticized and slightly compressive, are the solution to the most common problems: exposure to UV rays, shiny appearance given by sweat during summer rides, persistent cold of exposed arms in early spring and late autumn . Regardless of the season, cycling benefits from the sweat-wicking and dry-feeling characteristics of the fabric, which adapts to temperatures, keeping the body cool when it's hot and warming it when it's cold.

Technology overview

The peculiarities

Featured Fabrics : Circular Seamless technology focuses on UV protection and sweat wicking for dry comfort.

Construction/Fit : The seamless structure guarantees the absence of annoying creases to ensure maximum comfort and avoids the bulk of a multi-layer construction.