Wolf Tooth Silicone Karv Cam 6.5mm Grips

Type: manopole
SKU: cam-karv-blk

KARV grips are ideal for longer rides, as they reduce hand fatigue and numbness in the fingers.

The Cam version features an ergonomic profile, designed to have more padding in the upper part, while offering the feeling of a thinner knob.

  • Ergonomic profile Cam
  • The facets create four points of contact for the hands, enhancing grip
  • The 32mm diameter is perfect for most riders
  • Proprietary 100% dual density silicone compound provides excellent vibration damping, conforms to the hand for increased comfort and offers high durability
  • The surface offers plenty of grip, for excellent grip with or without gloves, in all weather conditions
  • Handlebar caps included

Weight : 68 g
Material : 100% silicone
Dimensions : diameter 32mm | 6.5mm thick | 135mm long