X-Track Race Look pedals

by Look
SKU: 00018222

LOOK's constant quest to innovate and improve your product experience has resulted in a design that is reliable, durable and easy to use. The new mountain bike pedal was built around a mechanism that offers maximum resistance to the negative effects generated by contact with various external factors (stones, roots, mud, etc.), guaranteeing uniform and reliable performance over time. The double-sealed, weatherproof pedal axle has been improved to withstand the toughest conditions you may encounter on a ride. They have remained faithful to the principles that guide them in their daily lives. Fewer problems means more time to ride and therefore more fun.

  • All the energy produced is transferred to the MTB via the pedals.
  • LOOK's goal for this new solution is to make the transfer of the power generated by the pedal more efficient. That's why LOOK has chosen to put the weight/contact surface ratio first in the design of this product.
  • Lateral contact support: The lateral contact support guides the foot in finding the pedal, ensuring a point of contact even before engaging the cleat. This large contact surface prevents the foot from sliding on the pedal body and offers stable and secure support.
  • Geometry of the mechanism: The mechanism works regardless of external conditions (in mud, the forces are very different from those present on dry land), more space means more possibility of penetration of foreign bodies (mud, sand, etc.). These Surfaces give the user a constant feeling of stability and grip, in any condition.
  • Use: Xc competition and free time.
  • Tension: 6-14.
  • Body: Composite.
  • Pin: Chromoly +.
  • Angular freedom: 6°.
  • Platform area: 515mm².
  • Platform width: 60mm.
  • Stack height + cleats: 16.8 mm ( 10.7 + 6.1 mm ).
  • Pedal weight: 180g.
  • Weight pair + cleats: 464 g.