Pirelli Scorpion XC H tires - Classic

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by Pirelli
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The Scorpion™ MTB Hard Terrain is a MTB tire designed for firm terrain and the most difficult surfaces. The tread features low, well-narrow knobs and high ground adaptation ability, offering a large contact area and therefore an excellent feel when driving.

The use of the special SmartGRIP compound guarantees high adaptability and at the same time tear resistance, offering high grip in all weather conditions, both dry and wet: the best ally for your off-road performance.

2.2 LITE: Tear-resistant rubber compound that offers high mechanical resistance to reduce cutting while ensuring high performance
2.4 LITE: Tear-resistant rubber compound with 120 tpi side reinforcement to offer greater protection against punctures and cuts without sacrificing performance

Grip: The SmartGRIP rubber compound ensures high grip on wet surfaces; Weather is no longer an issue, no sacrificing grip for dry or wet conditions
Handling : The tire shape has been optimized for modern aluminum or carbon rims with a wide internal groove

2.2: 120 tpi TUBELESS READY housing designed to dampen vibration and make low pressure riding more stable with a larger footprint on the ground
2.4: Rugged TUBELESS READY 60 tpi nylon casing, designed to dampen shock and vibration and make low-pressure riding more stable with a larger footprint on the ground


Wire : The Scorpion™ Mtb mixed terrain tread is composed of knobs whose height and spacing have been studied together with the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber compound, to offer uncompromising performance in variable conditions on compact and unstable terrain. The addition of specific ribs helps support the grips, limiting deformation and encouraging the release of excess mud in wet conditions

Single Rubber Compound: Smartgrip is a compound that uses advances in chemical technology to achieve two typically opposing off-road characteristics: mechanical strength and chemical grip. This compound is capable of achieving performance levels high enough to be used across the entire depth of the rubber used to create the tread. The use of a single rubber compound ensures that performance will not decrease as tread wear increases, which is usually a key flaw of multi-layer compounds. Pirelli selects the best rubber compound for each tread and each size, without compromising between grip and handling on dry and wet surfaces.

Structure : ProWall is a sidewall reinforcement technology that improves puncture protection and driveability even at low pressures. The additional layer of nylon fabric on the carcass sidewalls improves not only cut and pinch protection but also the stability of the entire structure, allowing for better handling and more precise cornering, both essential to enhancing your offroad riding experience. All without compromising on weight and smoothness, making the ProWALL a perfect solution for both cross-country racing and aggressive trail and enduro when paired with different carcass structures, 120 tpi and 60 tpi respectively .

29 x 2.2

  • Size: 55-622
  • Weight: 660
  • TPI: 120 tpi