Specialized Butcher GRID GRAVITY 2Bliss Ready T9 tire - 29x2.3

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The Butcher tire has a 'zigzag' knurling on the knobs to increase stability under load and to improve grip. This increases inertia as well as favoring braking and cornering control. The GRID GRAVITY carcass with two 'ply' construction provides cornering stability and extreme puncture protection. The new T9 GRIPTON® compound is perfect for cushioning, with a measured return to grip and grip for maximum traction and perfect control.

  • 60 TPI Dual Ply carcass.
  • Foldable headband.
  • 2Bliss Ready.
  • GRIPTON® T9 compound.
  • 29x2.3 ", psi 25-50, indicative weight 1300g.