Pro Action Energetika Almonds Hazelnuts Pistachios

SKU: pa0652018

ProAction Energetika Bar 35 gr is an uncoated Energy Bar made with rice crispies and natural ingredients, designed to provide prolonged energy to athletes who practice medium or long-term sports.

  • high digestibility
  • perfect before or during sports training
  • also ideal with high temperatures

INGREDIENTS (Almond Hazelnut Pistachio Taste): Rice crispies 18% (91% rice flour, sugar); almonds (11%); hazelnuts (11%); honey; glucose syrup; maltodextrin; humectant: sorbitol syrup; coconut (coconut, sulfur dioxide ); pistachios (4%); sesame seeds ; natural flavor.
It may contain traces of eggs, other nuts, soy, peanuts .