SRAM Absolute Black Hollow Cage Pulleys

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  • Materials used: Carbon fiber-polymer matrix, 7075 aluminum, rubber, ceramic.
  • In the box: Complete cage, locking tool, 2 x-ring replacement rubbers.

The new era of silent pulleys. Here is the Silent Xring Pulley ™
Does it bother you when you ride in a really quiet scenery but can still hear your bike chain meshing the pulleys? This familiar noise has been with us for decades in every race. It is time for a change. Common polymer pulleys are quite noisy, this has always been the norm. Aluminum pulleys are even worse because the material radiates sound more than any polymer, making them noisier. AbsoluteBlack is introducing a completely new generation of pulleys, which are capable of reducing the sound level by 5-7dB compared to stock Dura Ace pulleys. This corresponds to approximately 40% noise reduction. In practice, the cage becomes very quiet.