Specialized Alpinist CL II wheels

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With the new Alpinist CL II wheels you will feel how your bike 'comes to life', thanks to the lightweight clincher rims and the tubeless system. Resistance similar to MTB rims and a construction that allows you to take advantage of the reduced mass of the rim and spokes.

The Alpinist CL II mount the same rim as the Alpinist CLX II. A very slight increase in the power impressed on the pedals results in immediate acceleration, you will be able to draw a perfect line in the corners, and at the same time almost twice exceed the resistance standards of any certification institute. A pair of tubeless wheels weighing 1375 grams and of a quality made for adoptable pressures in races of all kinds.

The components of the Alpinist CL II have been chosen for their reliability and availability, and include easy-to-maintain DT Swiss 350 hubs with Star Ratchet system, 24 DT Swiss CompRace straight spokes, Pro Lock alloy nipples.

The reduced rolling resistance of the tubeless system is undeniable, as are the advantages in terms of handling and better protection against punctures. For development we have undertaken an intensive engineering and testing program. The result is a toothed rim that allows pressures up to 110psi and easy tire installation.

  • Rims: Alpinist CLX Carbon Clincher, 700c, disc brake, Tubeless
  • Rims details: depth 33mm, external width 27mm, internal 21mm
  • DT Swiss 350 Straighpull Center Lock hubs, Star Ratchet 36t (10 degs) internals, 100x12mm & 142x12mm, Shim freewheel. RD. 11SP HG
  • DT Swiss sealed cartridge bearings made of steel
  • DT Swiss Competition Race straight spokes, Front Radial / Two-cross (2: 1) 21 radius on the transmission side 276mm, opposite side 290mm - Rear Two-cross (1: 1) 24 spokes on the drive side 283mm opposite side 287mm
  • Nipples: DT Swiss Hex Prolock Al 2.0x14mm
  • Tires: 24mm - 38mm section / Maximum pressure: 24mm-35mm: Tubeless (110psi) with camera (130psi) / 36mm-38mm: Tubeless (60psi) with camera (60psi)
  • Pair weight 1.375g, Front 606g, Rear 769g (incl. Tape and tubeless valve 15g)
  • Assembled by hand
  • Extras: Roval rim tape, spoke and nipple kit Maximum load 125kg