Specialized S-Works Vent Evo Shoes - Black

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A winning combination of the fresh upper of the S-Works Vent Road and the best off-road Body Geometry sole. The S-Works Vent EVO Gravel are the new entry in the Vent shoe family, and have nothing to envy to the S-Works Recon in terms of wattage, performance, durability and technology. Just as the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the perforated fabric inserts of the S-Works Vent EVO are the windows that let in comfort and speed.

You will have read in our quotas “Cooler is Faster”, and we really believe it. This is why we are introducing maximum ventilation also in the S-Works Vent EVO for gravel and Cross Country. The perforated material is technologically advanced and promotes airflow through the toe, tongue and medial panel of the shoes. Thus the feet remain fresh even in the greatest efforts.

The new shape of these shoes and the innovative material make them suitable for a wide range of foot profiles. The perforated fabric together with the Dyneema® panels favor the movement of the foot with the shoe without impediments. The S-Works Vent EVO provide greater comfort for multiple situations.

Even if the indicated use is gravel and cross country, the performances are very similar to those of the S-Works Recon with proven success in World Cup races. In fact, these new shoes have been made with Body Geometry technology, which thanks to the correct alignment of the hip, knee and foot improves power and efficiency, and reduces the possibility of suffering sports injuries. Our stiffest and lightest FACT Powerline ™ carbon outsole optimizes responsiveness and power transfer.

It doesn't matter if you wear the S-Works Vent EVO on race day, or on your trail rides for miles of fun, the ventilation on these shoes will help you find the flow.

  • Designed with purpose, validated with science. The trio of Body Geometry, i.e. Longitudinal Arch, Metatarsal Button and Varus Wedge work together to improve efficiency, optimize hip, knee and foot alignment, and thus reduce the possibility of running into sports injuries.
  • The Vented Mouthports let the air in from the toe of the shoe and channels it around the foot and then let it out through the open weave of the upper and tongue. The result is a cool shoe that helps to dissipate sweat. The perforated upper has been combined with a layer of Dyneema® Mesh for a firm hold on the foot, so as to ensure optimal power transfer.
  • Extremely stiff and lightweight XC carbon sole. Stiffness index FACT 13.0.
  • Our PadLock ™ heel unit is also crucial for power transfer. With its tightness it improves acceleration.
  • Two independent BOA® S3 alloy registers guarantee a fine adjustment of the fit.
  • The titanium threaded bushes can be reversed to move the cleat further back up to 5mm.
  • SlipNot ™ non-slip rubber for perfect traction.
  • Compatible with the automatic coupling systems of 2-screw mtb pedals.
  • Approximate weight 300g one shoe mis. 42